從很年輕時便開始擔任演員和電視主持人,曾參與的電影包括Love Never Dies(2011),Youth Hormones(2013)和Switch(2013年)。

2009年她在5,000名競爭對手中以第五名獲得了《東方衛視國家人才》世界華人協會頒發的”公共形象獎“和”最具上鏡名人獎”。2010年她被選為世界華人協會“2010上海世博會”的發言人並演出了主題曲。 此外,Alice也在2010年被《湖南衛視脫口秀節目》選為“最受歡迎女性”。

Alice老師在洛杉磯完成她的M.F.A.(Master of Fine Arts)學業之後,開始專注於製作電影。 她製作了短片Quirk(2017),Hunter(2017年),誰教育誰(2017年),和最後一個生日(2017年)。 


Alice began her career at an early age as an actress and TV host. She has been featured in movies including Love Never Dies (2011), Youth Hormones (2013), and Switch

In 2009 she finished 5th of 5,000 competitors in 2009 “Dong Fang TV National Talent Show” competition and was awarded “Public Image Award” and “Most Photogenic Celebrity Award” by the World Chinese Association. In 2010 she was selected as the spokesperson for”2010 Shanghai World Expo” and performed its theme song. Further, Alice was selected by China’s most publicly viewed “Hunan TV Talk Show Program” as 2010’s “Most Popular Female Celebrity of the Year.”

After finishing her M.F.A. in Production in Los Angeles, Alice has shifted her focus from acting to producing films. She has produced short films Quirk (2017), Hunter
(2017), Who Educates Who (2017), and One Last Birthday (2017). She is now in pre-production of her first feature film, which she has both written and produced.

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