Most California public libraries will let you apply for a card online, provided you live within their service area, and they will instantly give you a temporary barcode that will unlock access to their online resources for free. In fact, I recommend applying for library cards at as many libraries as you can – starting with your local city and local county libraries, because each one will have access to unique collections of eBooks, audiobooks, streaming services and research databases. By diversifying your library card wallet, you are gaining access to oceans of content.

對於加州的大多數公共圖書館來說,只要您居住在其服務區域內,它們就會允許您在線申請閱讀卡,並且它們會立即為您提供一個臨時條形碼,以免費解鎖其在線資源的訪問權限。 實際上,建議大家盡可能從本市圖書館開始,在盡可能多的圖書館中申請圖書館證,因為每個圖書館都可以訪問獨特的電子書,有聲讀物,流媒體服務等等,我們是可以訪問大量內容的呢!

eBooks and Audiobooks

It used to be a maze figuring out how to check out eBooks on an app or website and get them loaded onto your device. Nowadays, it’s fast and simple to connect the app to your library and library card to check out books. And you can read or listen to your materials right there in the app.

For kids, you can choose from picture books, comic books, chapter books and children’s nonfiction. You can always adjust the font size or zoom level on the eBook you are reading, which is especially nice for people with visual impairments or reading differences. The digital titles you borrow go into a shelf or personal library on your app, and instead of becoming overdue and accruing fines, they simply expire after your library’s set borrowing period, which for most libraries is 21 days. There is not always an unlimited number of copies of any given book, so just like with our print collections, you might have to place holds on books you want that someone else has already borrowed. You will receive an email notifying you when they’re available to borrow.

對於孩子們,您可以從圖畫書,漫畫書,章節書和兒童非小說類書籍中進行選擇。 爸爸媽媽可以隨時在正在閱讀的電子書上調整字體大小或縮放級別,這對有視覺障礙或閱讀差異的人尤其有用。 圖書館設定的借閱期限(大多數圖書館為21天)之後過期。 一本書的總發行量並不總是無限的,因此,就像我們的印刷本一樣,您可能必須對別人已經借過的書進行保管。 您也會收到一封電子郵件,是通知您何時可以藉閱的~

Here are the most common eBook and audiobook downloading platforms available from public libraries:


  • Overdrive is one of the oldest digital lending services. Its new Libby app offers an extremely easy-to-use interface and thousands of titles.

  • Cloud Library has a great list of categories that you can browse according to your specific interests.

  • Enki offers many popular eBook titles, as well as self-published and indie books you might not find elsewhere.

  • SimplyE, an eBook and audiobook lending app from New York Public Library, is currently available even for non-New Yorkers. The available titles are mostly classics or works in the public domain or registered with a Creative Commons license, but you won’t have to place holds on anything, and your downloads never expire.