Incredible Journey returns with Bugs! Whether you find bugs cool and intriguing or gross and creepy, there’s something for everyone in this Garden adventure! Bugs are nature’s ecosystem superheroes – find out how by picking the Bug Life you want to explore in the Garden.

喔~ 有趣的蟲蟲世界 小朋友提到小蟲子是不是都會感到害怕呢?其實昆蟲也是大自然中很重要的一部分,它們可是 superheroes 一般的存在呢。小蟲蟲也有新奇可愛的一面,只是還在等待你的發現!你可以在這裡自由的探索關於它們這些小生物的奇妙哦 !

 從翩翩起舞的蝴蝶,到毛毛的小蜘蛛,或是小小顆的螞蟻,當然還有其它昆蟲哦。小朋友們可以在一天的小旅途中學習探險到各種各樣不同的昆蟲知識。相信你一定會被蟲蟲們的superpower 震撼到哦!大開眼界的又酷又具備科學趣味的garden adventure,等你來!

From butterflies to spiders, ants and more, learn what it’s like to be a bug for just one day. Your eyes will be opened by the cool, fun facts and superpowers of bugs! This adventure is recommended for guests of all ages.

Be sure to pack comfortable walking shoes, snacks, water, and dress for the weather (rain or sun), and possibly a picnic to enjoy along the way. Strollers for littlest adventurers encouraged!

溫馨提示,請大家穿著舒適的鞋子,準備適量小零食,水。如果你有興致的話,說不定同時也是一個不錯的 picnic day哦!對了,寶寶推車是完全可以推進園區的哦,爸爸媽媽們無需擔心 

Daily: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m

上午8 點 — 下午5 點

Free with Membership or General Garden Admission


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